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Thursday 22 de August de 2013 00:23

Police is everywhere equal

In January 12, 2013, Patti Saylor, Ethan's mother, received a call from the assistant to his son, who had accompanied him to the cinema to see 'Zero Dark Thirty', the film based on the military operation in which Osama Bin Laden died. He said that Ethan did not want to leave the film although the film was over and she did not know what to do. When Patti was already about five minutes of the film, called the assistant and knew his son was incosnciente, not breathing and were going to move him to a hospital. Soon after, the young man died. The guards were not filed criminal charges

There are many things that trouble me about the death of Robert Ethan Saylor. Stories of police brutality always carry the special chill that comes with a violation of the public trust even when the perpetrators are off duty and moonlighting as mall cops. I hate that, despite the Maryland chief medical examiner declaring the manner of death as homicide, a grand jury found there was no case to be brought. I hate the detail of the broken throat bones in the autopsy report that point to strangulation. And as a father to someone who, like Saylor, has an extra chromosome, I feel frightened when I see the words “26-year-old man” “Down syndrome” and “killed” in the same headline. I feel so sad to read the telling details that illuminate his personality: that Saylor called for his mom as the officers pressed him to the floor of a movie theater lobby; that friends recalled him as warm and affectionate; that he was such a fan of police dramas on TV that he tried calling 911 to ask officers about their work. 

These cases in the United States, where it is assumed that the police and security guards are properly trained, fill us with anger and helplessness. And we think that in Mexico, after we saw that some inspectors do with our Indians, just need to be killed.

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