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Wednesday 9 de April de 2008 02:01

Were it not for grace

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Were It Not For Grace - Larnelle HarrisTime measured out my daysLife carried me alongIn my soul I yearned to follow GodBut knew I’d never be so strongI looked hard at this worldTo learn how heaven could be gainedJust to end where I beganWhere human effort is all in vainChorusWere it not for graceI can tell you where I’d beWandering down some pointless road to nowhereWith my salvation up to meI know how that would goThe battles I would faceForever running but losing this raceWere it not for graceSo here is all my praiseExpressed with all my heartOffered to the Friend who took my placeAnd ran a course I could not startAnd when He saw in fullJust how much His would costHe still went the final mile between me and heavenSo I would not be lostRepeat ChorusForever running but losing this raceWere it not for grace  

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